If you're calling Asia on a budget, Meihua is the phone card for you. Meihua's incredibly cheap off-peak rates apply from 1am to 7am every day and let you call China and Singapore at 1.5c + GST per minute*!

Meihua phone card - cheap calls to China and all of Asia, easy to use - powered by Compass You can access its best rates from virtually everywhere in the country, because Meihua offers local access numbers for every calling area in New Zealand.

It's easy to use and there are foreign language options available to help you to understand the phone card system instructions. Plus, you can recharge your card once you've used it up.

For more Meihua calling rates click here or for more about how to save on your toll calls using a phone card click here.

Meihua is powered by Compass Communications. You'll find Meihua cards at supermarkets, bookstores and convenience stores throughout New Zealand.

* 3 minute minimum call duration applies. Add 1c + GST per minute to all rates if calling outside off-peak hours.


per min + gst



per min + gst

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